The brasserie

Our Norwegian twist on a brasserie with inspiration from both the 1930s, the homely atmosphere we think you as a guest will enjoy, as well as a few drops of French classic feeling.

Here you can always drop in to an informal place with an urban feel, good food and a cozy atmosphere from morning to late at night. Just the way you should feel in a real brasserie. With us you will find a selection of both Norwegian, international and French classics, good freshly brewed barista coffee, lunch and dinner. Initially, the brasserie is closed for lunch on weekdays, but we are open for lunch on Saturdays.

Main courses

Oysters & Caviar

Beef Wellington

Må forhåndsbestilles minimum 48 timer i forkant.

med røstipotet, rødvinssaus, karamellisert sellerirotpurè, stekt sortkål og salsa verde
Allergerner; h, sl, s, m, s, e, sn


Explanation allergens
B: Mollusks | E: Egg | F: Fish | G: Gluten | H: Wheat flour | M: Milk | N: Nuts | SK: Shellfish | SL: Celery | SN: Mustard | SV: Sulfite

Choose from five exciting concepts in our restaurant building, all in an informal setting.

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